Employee Testimonials

We think that you’ll like working with us, but don’t take our word for it! 

“Two Farmers Farm is different from most other places that I’ve worked because, here, I am treated as an equal, not just as an employee. Kelsey and Dominic are smart, inventive, caring, generous, and forthright people who hold themselves to a high standard as employers. As managers, they focus on safety, designing efficient systems, and treating and compensating employees fairly.

“As an employee at Two Farmers Farm, I really appreciate the guided independence that I have. I’m trusted to work independently a lot of the time, but Kelsey and Dominic are always just a phone call away in case I have questions. Even though we are often moving quickly and working hard, the expectations are reasonable. I’m never in a position where I need to compromise safety or quality to get the job done.

“My favorite parts of the job are working outside, the free produce, interacting with customers during deliveries, and always learning something new. Kelsey and Dominic are really honest about what it takes to farm and they don’t gate-keep information.

“My advice for new employees would be to not be afraid to communicate. Communication is a two-way street here, and is always met positively because Two Farmers Farm is committed to continuous improvement. Kelsey and Dominic are supportive, take employee feedback seriously, and are not afraid to change things to make the workplace better for everyone. Every year that I’ve worked here they have made changes to make our work more efficient, increase my compensation, and improve everyone’s work-life balance.

“Two Farmers Farm demonstrates that it is possible to run a business sustainably – where people can do meaningful work and also get compensated fairly, have good work-life balance, and have plenty of opportunities to learn.”

– Zach Z, Crew Member & Assistant Manager 2019-2024

“I genuinely enjoy coming to work everyday and am proud to be a farmer at Two Farmers Farm. Kelsey and Dominic are very employee-conscious and want to make Two Farmers Farm great place to work – they want us to want to work here. This is the most professional and well-organized place I’ve ever worked. I really appreciate that I have a set schedule and that I know what is expected every day and what quality I am expected to produce. Kelsey and Dominic have confidence in us – they trust our judgement and give us the freedom to work independently.  Overall I feel great farming at Two Farmers Farm. My values are aligned with the business, and I feel like I am working here for a reason. I am proud do to this work.”Emma S., Crew Member & Assistant Manager 2017-2020

“Kelsey and Dominic give detailed instructions and have clear expectations, and I like knowing that I will always be challenged and given a chance to learn. Everyone at Two Farmers Farm works hard, and we also take time to celebrate our successes together.” – Miles S., Crew Member & Assistant Manager 2017-2020

“The best way I can describe Two Farmers Farm is ‘a combination of German efficiency and Maine charm.’ You’ll work hard, outside, with nice people, and eat good (free!) produce all season long. During my season at Two Farmers Farm, I never wanted to miss a day of work – even on very hot or rainy days – which is something I’ve never experienced before. This is good work: good for your self, good for your body, good for the land, and good for the community. The Managers and Assistant Managers are calm, helpful and good teachers. Be ready to work really hard and sweat a lot!”Windham V., Crew Member 2018

“For myself, working at Two Farmers Farm wasn’t just a great experience in the sense of being able to participate in the local food economy, but in learning and growing as a farmer myself. Even coming to Two Farmers with a few seasons of experience, they had practices and systems that taught me so much. Their willingness to take the time to train and present a model in which they operate is highly commendable. And the thing is, their systems work. They have thoroughly considered all the possibilities and have developed a working environment that is efficient, effective, and produces amazing results. And amidst all of this, they also put employee pay and fairness as a priority. It was the highest paying farm job I had ever had, with a clear number of hours worked each week, and it felt as though they valued and respected our time and labor at the farm. Kelsey and Dominic are producing a high quality product, sustainably, and with respectful regards to their workforce. They are definitely doing it right! And I am so appreciative of the time I got to spend working with them at Two Farmers Farm.” Kristen B., Crew Member 2017, 2018

“The most interesting thing about working on the farm is that, in every aspect, the approach to the work and the work itself is dynamic, not static. Meaning both that there is a variety in the type of work and also variety in approach to that work.  Kelsey and Dominic are constantly seeking out new techniques that both most efficient and best for their crew.
“The dynamic approach taken by Kelsey and Dominic on the farm impacted the approach that I now take to tasks in my own life outside of the farm, which means that instead of doing something one way simply because I am accustomed to it, I find myself looking for the best way to do it.
“I was surprised to discover that there is no secret to farming for four seasons, though it does necessitate, as in any discipline, deep knowledge of the practice, thoughtful and intelligent technique, serious dedication, and a lot of hard work, all of which are exhibited generously by Kelsey and Dominic.
The harder I worked, the more fulfilled I felt, which shouldn’t be a surprise (but is).
“The best advice that I can give someone considering a job at Two Farmers Farm is: Be prepared to work hard and with an open mind.”
Javan D., Crew Member 2016-2017