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Overview: Two Farmers Farm is a certified Organic four-season vegetable farm located on a historic farmstead in Scarborough, Maine. We’re a team of hardworking farmers using high-production systems, mechanization, and season-extension to grow a diversity of crops for local farmers’ markets, grocers, and distributors.

We strive to exemplify the potential for farmers to maintain a high quality of life while achieving excellent land stewardship, equitably supporting all members of the farm team, preserving rural heritage, and furthering the movement for a more sustainable food system.

Who we are: Our crew is currently made up of 4 full-time farmers, including owners Kelsey and Dominic, 1 part-time crew member, and 3 part-time employees who help with specific aspects of the farm such as farmers’ markets and facility maintenance.

Job description: Farm Crew members are skilled workers who carry real responsibility and are actively engaged in improving the farm. Crew members work alongside Kelsey and Dominic, participating at in most aspects of sowing, planting, growing, harvesting, and packing produce. They also help with day-to-day farm upkeep such as record-keeping, mowing, and crate washing.  Some crew members also work at farmers’ market stands, deliver to wholesale accounts, and directly assist Kelsey and Dominic with their jobs such as food safety monitoring and irrigation.

During the summer, harvesting is a top priority for the farm crew. We harvest vegetables on most days, with Tuesdays and Fridays being the busiest days as we prep for our Wednesday and Saturday farmers’ markets and deliveries. Nearly all of this work is done by hand.

Kelsey & Dominic are the owners and day-to-day managers of the farm. They develop daily work plans for the crew, oversee all aspects of the farm, and often work as part of the farm crew team.

Crew members will also work independently. Successful crew members are assertive communicators, comfortable asking questions, and receptive to feedback. Crew members take on more responsibility based on skills development and level of commitment to the farm.

New farm crew members are hired as seasonal workers, with an end date in November. When year-round positions are available, they will be offered to existing crew members who demonstrate skill, speed, good personality fit, and genuine commitment to the farm. 

Schedule: We strive to maintain a reasonable and consistent work schedule. Please review the handbook for current schedule.


  • Outdoor physical labor experience: landscaping, trail work, outdoor science/lab work, outdoor contracting; vigorous recreational hiking, gardening etc.
  • Note: farming experience is not required. This is a good position for someone with up to one season of commercial farming experience.
  • Excellent professional (or academic) references.
  • Commitment to working until Thanksgiving 2017.
  • Ability to accommodate the seasonally schedule, outlined in the Farm Crew Handbook.
  • Proactive communication style.
  • Ability to work well in groups and independently.
  • Attention to detail, ability to think ahead.
  • Positive attitude, agreeable disposition.
  • Eagerness to learn and willingness to receive corrections constructively.
  • Belief in a local food system and Organic practices.
  • Valid driver’s license, clean driving record.
  • Women, minorities and LGBTQ individuals are encouraged to apply.


  • Paid hourly, $12/hour to start.
  • Seasonal performance bonus(es) awarded as earned.
  • Housing is not provided.
  • Free, second-quality (visually distressed), produce is almost always available to crew members.

To apply:

  • Read our Farm Crew Handbook.
  • Email the following 4 items to :
  • 1. Your potential start date
  • 2. 1-2 paragraphs introducing yourself and describing why you would like to work at Two Farmers Farm.
  • 3. Resume
  • 4. Three (3) references from current/former supervisors, along with contact information.

Due to the high volume of applications that we receive, we may not be able to return all phone calls. We do our best to return all emails.

We look forward to hearing from you!



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