All Two Farmers Farm products are 100% certified organic under the USDA National Organic Program by MOFGA Certification Services. We are audited annually by an independent inspector who ensures that we are following all USDA NOP guidelines. Organic inspectors walk our fields and greenhouses, talk with our staff, inspect our produce and materials storage areas, and review our production and financial records to ensure that we are in complete compliance with the NOP regulations. MOFGA has been certifying organic farmers since 1972, is one of the country’s oldest certification programs, and is a grassroots organization active in the fight for organic integrity.

As small organic farmers, we care for the earth and the people who eat our food. We never use synthetic pesticides, fertilizers or GMOs. Instead, we strive to foster biodiversity, and protect and enhance our local ecosystem through organic techniques that are safe, sustainable, and enrich soil life.

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