We farm year-round! You can find us at  the Portland Winter Market in Maine on Saturdays December through mid-April, and at the Seacoast Eat Local winter markets in Rollinsford & Exeter, NH from mid-November through mid-April. Visit each market’s website for this year’s dates, directions & more details about parking and special events.

In the winter, we harvest salad and cooking greens fresh weekly from our unheated tunnels and hoophouses, and have a full complement of “storage crops” that we keep fresh all winter long in our root cellar coolers.

Customers often wonder “how do you grow greens all winter without heat??” Well, we grow varieties that are bred specifically for cold climates and we make sure that the plants have a strong and healthy root system going into the winter. We grow everything directly in the earth (we don’t use any hydroponic systems), so all of our winter produce has a rich, field-grown taste. Since we don’t use any supplemental heat (only the sun!), our greens are very hardy and frost-sweetened. Freshly harvested winter greens include: arugula, baby kale, boc choy, kale, lettuce mix, rainbow chard, spicy greens mix, spinach, and more.

Our storage crops include carrots, sweet potatoes, leeks, beets, radishes, turnips, onions, shallots and more.

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