There are several ways to get our crops.

1. Direct Delivery: We currently deliver direct to grocers, restaurants and distribution companies in the greater Portland area once or twice per week year-round. Our regular delivery route takes us through Scarborough, Westbrook, and Portland. $100 minimum order required for direct delivery.

2. On-Farm Pickup: On-farm pickup is available to all customers by appointment. This is a good choice for distribution companies that have trucks passing by our farm anyway, for smaller customers who cannot meet our minimum order for delivery, or customers who are outside our direct-delivery area.

3. Our Distribution Partners: We are happy to partner with Crown of Maine Organic Cooperative, Native Maine Produce & Specialty Foods, and Three Rivers Farmers Alliance. All three of these companies serve Maine, New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

If you’d like help determining the best distribution option for you, or understanding which distribution company might best meet your needs, please contact Kelsey at We are always happy to help!