Two Farmers Farm is located at US-1 in Scarborough. Our land has been farmed since the 1800’s, and we began farming it in 2012. We are proud to be continuing the agrarian tradition on this unique property. We manage about 15 acres of total cropland, and we use that acreage to rotate 5 acres of mixed vegetables and 10 acres of soil-building cover crops every season.

Our soils are a combination of sandy loam and loamy sand – beautiful, light soils that grow excellent root crops, tomatoes, salad greens, celery and more. Our well-drained fields are also well suited to winter vegetable production, which we undertake inside our large high tunnels and smaller hoop houses. We are just a few miles from the ocean, and the sea breeze helps keep our crops healthy and disease-free. The woods, brooks and marsh that surround our farm provide natural habitat for beneficial insects and critters that support our cropland.